Location, Designers, Makeup and Hair

The location for this shoot will be outdoors. A place that would evoke the mood of tranquility that the classical pieces do when you listen to them. Osaka Garden in Chicago is a good location that will achieve what we are trying to accomplish. The water will reflect the moonlight and be great for scenery. There are also different areas to take pictures to add some variety to the shoot.


This theme will carry on into wardrobe. I will only be using black and white, and since black and white is on trend for the season it will work out nicely. Designers that I’ve selected to use include Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, Elie Saab, Valentino, and Lela Rose.

Ahrens who represents moonlight, will be wearing the white wardrobe and Heesch, who represents darkness, will be wearing the black. Ahrens will have a natural look when it comes to makes up. This means nude or soft pink lips, mininal eye shadow, soft pink/peach cheeks. Heersh will have a darker take on makeup. The main difference that is going to be seen between the two is a darker lip. Some looks will include a smokey eye but most will try to stay on the more natural side for eyes. As for hair there will be a mix between loose, messy braids and natural and loose curls.


whitesaccessories white whitemakeupsblackcblack accessoriesblack makeups


This is an example of what I would like as an end result for the shoot.



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